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Dr. Sylvia Klass-Jofer — Specialist lawyer for criminal lawBild nicht verfügbar

Curriculum Vitae

  • Dr. Sylvia Klass-Jofer studied law at Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität Munich and has been a lawyer focusing on criminal law since 1996.
  • She has been a specialist lawyer for criminal law at Klüver, Klass, Zimpel and Colleagues since 1998.
  • In 2002, Dr. Klass-Jofer gained her PhD at the Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Law Proceedings and Criminology at the Univeristy of Kiel under Prof. Dr. Samson with a thesis on „The ban of pornography in broadcasting".


  • Initiative Bayerischer Strafverteidigerinnen und Strafverteidiger e.V.


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